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Make smarter, data-driven decisions and dive deep into live game operations to optimize, personalize, and monetize your entire portfolio of games with Helika  


In game product lifecycle visualized: game development, alpha playset/closed beta, go-to-market, open beta, game launch.
In-game analytics example: total players by country
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In-game analytics covering users, engagement, retention, and revenue. Some of the metrics included are: DAU, session length, cumulative play time, sessions per day, d1 – d30 retention, ARPU, ARPPU, and more.

and GAME A/B Testing

Find the patterns that engage desired player behavior and initiate game optimization incentives to drive those outcomes.

Refine event ideation and motivate users to engage with events in a given meta of your game that distribute rewards but also maintain engagement and drive monetization. 

Game Live Ops and Game A/B Testing Dashboard
Example of in-game analytics enriched with web3 data: ARPPU

IN-GAME ANALYTICS enriched with Web3 data

Drive deeper analysis into user behavior and product optimization with web3 data. Focus on impact of key metrics like retention, ARPPU, session length, new users by location, and DAU by integrating both Web3 and off-chain data for efficient game optimization. 


We specialize in game optimization services, empowering game developers to make smarter, data-driven decisions. By leveraging in-game analytics and live ops capabilities, we help developers optimize, personalize, and monetize their entire portfolio of games.

We provide comprehensive game monitoring through in-game analytics, covering crucial metrics such as daily active users (DAU), session length, retention rates, and revenue. Our platform enables developers to track and analyze user behavior in real-time to make informed decisions for game improvement.

Our game live ops capabilities enable developers to conduct game A/B testing and refine event ideation within their games. By identifying patterns that engage desired player behavior, our platform helps create incentives that drive user engagement and ultimately, monetization.

Our platform enriches in-game analytics with web3 data, allowing for deeper analysis of user behavior and product optimization. By integrating both web3 and off-chain data, developers gain insights into key metrics such as retention rates, average revenue per paying user (ARPPU), and daily active users (DAU) by location.

The in-game product lifecycle is crucial for game developers to understand as it encompasses the entire journey of a game from development to monetization. Helika provides insights into every stage of this lifecycle, empowering developers to optimize their games for maximum engagement and revenue.

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