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UA, Marketing & Attribution

Acquiring new players is easy.

Acquiring, retaining, and growing player revenue is hard.

Helika empowers marketers with the solutions needed to drive Growth at lower costs.

Gain Full Visibility Into Your High Spend Players

Helika helps studios measure on-chain/off-chain
attribution, discover golden cohorts, and Ultimately
optimize future ad spend to acquire Higher spend players


Performance marketing with deep funnel attribution to ensure you’re only paying for users that matter to you.

Key features include the ability to distribute any type of reward including ERC 20/721/1155, or even in-game experiences from our tool where the qualifying criteria for success are totally customizable based on on-chain, off-chain, and social events.


Understand where your users are coming from no matter the source, and identify top performing channels & content. 

Track the ROI of your marketing channels with fingerprinting and caching, and scale paid advertising campaigns with deep funnel attribution enriched with Web3 data.


Use our CUSTOM SDK to streamline event data to Helika with minimal code. Identify and eliminate duplicate users. Map and user journey from first ad click to web page visit to connecting a wallet to buying in-game assets and completing specific actions.

Helika tracks and measures entire user progression, LTV and ROAS needed to discover its golden cohorts.


Our platform supports Web3 marketing efforts by empowering marketers with Web3 data analytics capabilities. This includes measuring on-chain/off-chain attribution and optimizing ad spend to acquire higher spend players – the Golden Cohort. Through deep funnel attribution enriched with Web3 data, Helika ensures marketers only invest in users that yield significant value to their campaigns.

We provide comprehensive game monitoring through in-game analytics, covering crucial metrics such as daily active users (DAU), session length, retention rates, and revenue. Our platform enables developers to track and analyze user behavior in real-time to make informed decisions for game improvement.

We offer a deep funnel attribution model, allowing marketers to understand the effectiveness of their Web3 user acquisition efforts. By tracking the journey from the first ad click to connecting a wallet and completing specific actions, Helika provides valuable insights into user acquisition channels, helping marketers optimize their strategies for better results.

We employ proprietary technology to track the ROI of marketing channels accurately. Regardless of the source, marketers can understand where their users are coming from and identify top-performing channels and content. This deep funnel attribution enriched with Web3 data ensures that marketers can scale paid advertising campaigns effectively.

Our custom SDK simplifies streaming event data with minimal code, ensuring seamless integration with existing platforms. By identifying and eliminating duplicate users, mapping user journeys, and tracking entire user progression, the SDK facilitates accurate Web3 attribution. This comprehensive tracking is essential for understanding user behavior and optimizing marketing efforts.

We are onboarding select Studios to our platform. Drop your information here and we’ll be in touch soon.