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AI Arena Uses Helika For Advanced In-Game Analytics, unique insights for truly complex AI gaming use cases, Understand User Behavior, And Find Anomalies

AI Arena is able to focus on their innovative AI based gameplay while letting Helika handle the complex analytics involved in managing an AI Training Game.

$250K Saved on in-house data analysts and engineers by using Helika as Ai Arena’s analytics business extension partner.
Cycle 1 of Competition

188K Matches Played in 4 Days
32.5 Matches per Minute
Cycle 1 of P2A Campaign over 12 Days

Top 1% Wallet Spent
120 AVG Total Hrs in Game

Top 10% Wallet Spent
51 AVG Total Hrs in Game

Top 50% Wallet Spent
13 AVG Total Hrs in Game


Advanced In-Game Analytics Overlaid with Social and On-Chain Data.
Deep on-chain insights into Holders of AI Arena’s Mint Pass.
Unique insights for truly complex AI gaming use cases.
Dedicated analyst support via regular calls and shared Slack channel to address custom requests thoroughly.


COO of ArenaX Labs

It does really feel like Helika’s an extension of our team…. AI Arena is a very, very different game. That creates challenges in terms of working on the data analytics side of the entire platform. We’ve been working with Helika on solving some of those challenges and those problems and really getting the results in a way that’s digestible, informative and actionable. That allows us to make decisions on how we can enhance and tweak the player experience on board. From our perspective, Helika as a data and analytics partner is probably best in class in Web3.
We are onboarding select Studios to our platform. Drop your information here and we’ll be in touch soon.