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What Is a Golden Cohort in Gaming?

It’s no secret that the initial reception of a new title often makes or breaks its success. The most recent example of this phenomenon in 2024 was Palworld, a survival game lovingly dubbed “Pokemon with guns.” The game saw five million installs within just three days of its Early Access release.      Enter the… Continue reading What Is a Golden Cohort in Gaming?

Unlocking Web3 In-game Analytics: Where Off-chain and On-chain Player Data Meet

  In-game analytics have forever been key to games’ successes. They enable game studios to monitor player behavior, allowing them to uncover insights that help inform game development and live ops, increase player retention, and optimize monetization. Web3 introduces a new layer to the existing data needs – on-chain actions. Players now interact with games… Continue reading Unlocking Web3 In-game Analytics: Where Off-chain and On-chain Player Data Meet

Introducing Helika Engage

Making Liveops Ready for Web3   LiveOps has become the lifeblood of games, especially on mobile. LiveOps boosts player retention and extends lifetime value (LTV). According to SensorTower, titles incorporating LiveOps generate 30x more revenue on average than those without. Therefore, it’s fair to say that LiveOps stands at the core of games’ business models.… Continue reading Introducing Helika Engage

The Power of Competitive Analytics for NFT Projects

It’s no secret that Web3 has a small user base—especially relative to the billions of users that Web2 social platforms and games collectively have today. While there aren’t established metrics on the total number of NFT enthusiasts, the following Dune Analytics dashboard shows that the average range of daily to weekly NFT traders fluctuates between 10,000 – 250,000.