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Why NFT Projects Need Data Analytics Pt. 1

In an era of competing NFT marketplaces, NFT royalties have fallen by the wayside.

The golden rule of marketing is to understand your audience, and this is especially true for NFT projects. While there’s no marketing or community-building playbook for an NFT project, the role of data analytics in driving informed business decisions remains the same between Web2 and Web3.

Here are 3 different reasons why data analytics are necessary to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving NFT landscape.

Web3 Gaming Analytics: Cracking the Code

Web3’s rise has revolutionized multiple industries, from finance and gaming to art and beyond. Thanks to its decentralized, transparent nature, Web3 offers unprecedented opportunities for developers, entrepreneurs, users, and innovators alike to join an inclusive digital ecosystem; gaming in particular, has found new pathways thanks to Web3.   However, to harness its full potential and… Continue reading Web3 Gaming Analytics: Cracking the Code